Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 21

Motivation low point. My drawing routine ended up so confusing I couldn't manage to hack it to scale to a given size. This is required in order for "save as wallpaper" button to work. To make sure this project doesn't die at this point, I've decided to split the features even more. Instead of releasing version 0.5, I'll release a severely crippled version 0.25 just to get something out there.

It will only translate the name. It won't have share buttons, or sounds or anything. It won't be too popular because of the lack of sharing, but surely having something released is better than nothing and might give a boost in motivation. Besides, if I manage to add the other features in before the app gets checked by Apple, then this will just get the app released faster. Or does it put my app in the back of the queue again if I change it?

Had to rename app because "Your Name in Japanese" was too long to display in springboard (home screen).


Alright, it seems to work. Tested with one tester and no crashes or major problems (although the dictionary should maybe be a bit larger). Calling this version 0.25 and submitting. Now what was all that provisioning stuff again that I need to do... it was explained here. That also explained how to update the app (last section).

Name of upload program is "application loader". Need to click "ready to upload" in upper right in itunes connect to get it to recognize the app.