Monday, December 06, 2010

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 14

Decided to split this app into two different versions. 0.5 won't guide the user in drawing their name, it will just display the result. 1.0 will include the drawing part. This way I can get something released while I'm still working on it, which should help motivate me complete this faster.

I think I'll make 0.5 free and try out AdMob to get some experience with mobile ads.

What should the main app screen look like? Tried mocking up a bit but everything looks horrible.

That list is supposed to show some popular names. Is showing the complete list of available names necessary? It's way easier to pick things from a list than try to come up with names to try without any hints. Most convenient would be if I could access their address book and show some names from there. In any case there should be a free input field in case the user wants to input something that's not in the list.

I already have an idea for the next app. I think it's an original idea, uses the platform well, is easier to make than Your Japanese Name and has wider appeal.

Update: New mockup for 0.5.

Progress is slow. Got a bit distracted and made a site for posting to Twitter using Chrome speech recognition.