Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 15

Did all the required icons during last night. It seems that mapping icon sizes to correct filenames is something I'll end up doing often. When making the icons naturally I want to name them "512x512.png" for example, but then when I add them to the project they need different names. So here's a list of commands, assumes you're currently in the art directory and want to move things to ../icons

mkdir ../icons 2>/dev/null
cp 29x29.png ../icons/Icon-Small.png
cp 50x50.png ../icons/Icon-Small-50.png
cp 57x57.png ../icons/Icon.png
cp 58x58.png ../icons/Icon-Small@2x.png
cp 72x72.png ../icons/Icon-72.png
cp 114x114.png ../icons/Icon@2x.png
cp 512x512.png ../icons
ls -l ../icons
echo "Now add all these ../icons to the project, except upload 512x512.png later by hand to itunes connect."

Next I should think about how to make the characters appear. Next to each characters should be explanation of it in latin alphabet. There may be several characters, possibly dozen or more. Each one should appear as described in the SVG file. Maybe they could all be as wide as the screen is, and the white central area could be a UIScrollView. While they are appearing, the current character could be automatically scrolled to view. Then in the end it could scroll to the top. So all I need is an UIView subclass that knows how to display one character and I'll be able to stack several of those inside the scroll view.

Got more distracted and made another Chrome extension.