Monday, October 31, 2005

Yuna Ito

Do you know Yuna Ito? She will be the seiyu for Reira in the NANA movie. Not much information is available about her in English now, so I made this: Bemmu's Yuna Ito Fan Page

A Page Dedicated to Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay Williams is the brightest star on the Japanese pop charts. In honor of her newest album "Two As One", I decided to make this page for her: Bemmu's Chrystal Kay Fan Page!

Orange Range Fan Page

I finished my Orange Range page today.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Gackt is a Mac fan

Who would have believed it? The j-pop star Gackt is a Mac fan!

People are sometimes asking me how to find something on the Japanese Amazon, so I started this message board: -- Your guide to ordering Japanese manga from


I made a small tool for writing / reading comments about movies while watching them: WatchTogether.

Japanese articles

These are not very interesting if you don't speak Japanese, but here are some articles I wrote: Internet Bubble, Christmas, Lucid Dreaming, Cosplay and Demo Scene.


Perhaps the thing that I personally use most is called MyNote. It's a tool similar to notepad, except it works in your browser and there is no need to press any save button. It's quicker to use than sending yourself e-mails since no login is required. I used it constantly to send myself notes. I made two localized versions too: Finnish and Japanese.

Typing Speed Tester

There used to be a nice game called ZtSpeed for DOS by a guy called Zorlim. In that game words were scrolling from left to right and you had to type them before they reached the border of the screen, kind of similar to Typing of the Dead. Well, I made a similar game which runs inside a browser: Bemmu's Typing Speed Tester

Heisig lookup

As I was studying Japanese I discovered a book which had mnemonic tricks for learning the Japanese characters. But it was very time-consuming to find the characters in the book, so I wrote this Heisig Kanji Lookup.

Forced Post Vulnerability Report

Even before Samy became everyone's hero, I discovered the same bug at social sites as he had. I wrote a proof-of-concept hack that forced people to change their preferences if they just clicked a plain normal link I gave them. Some sites changed their structure at my warning, I even wrote this Forced Post Vulnerability Report about it.

Two dictionaries

Here are two things that came out of my exchange in Japan. I was studying for two years in Tokyo, mostly studying Japanese. To test my Japanese capability, I took one non-language class as well, which was Java programming. I could hardly understand anything. Every day we would get this 5-page explanation in Japanese of what we were supposed to be doing. Java at the beginner level is easy to the point of tears, but understanding the explanations was nearly impossible. To assist me, I wrote this
Japanese programming dictionary. I also took a cell biology course. At the course we had to write a dictionary as well, so here is my little cell biology dictionary.