Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 20

Project difficulty = how many times I have to blog about it. Each post represents one block of effort. No post = no serious work that day. Name app reached 20 posts. So far Iworked about an equal amount as for Acey Deucey. In each post made less progress, some low days there. Could hardly bring myself to sit at the computer. Energy is back. Ready to give this the final push.

Dreaming about doing a Chrome Extension as the next serious project instead of an iOS app, but we'll see how I feel later. Got one pretty nice extension idea that has some revenue model built in too, and it isn't affiliate links.


Today tried to make a view class that would know how to display one vertical line of katakana text. Plan: scale this view to get different sized UIImages out of it. But impossible, views can't be scaled (?). Instead have to scale when drawing. Attempt to quickly hack it. Positioning and scaling code is tricky. Must try again tomorrow with clearer mind. Bigger picture is to get an UIImage that could be saved to Photos, so the user can use it as wallpaper on iDevice.

Instead set up iTunes Connect. Hoping could release this week.