Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 16

Today I hope to get at least AdMob working and display the SVG characters I made on screen. AdMob came with simple enough instructions, but after I included it in my project the app started crashing. I probably missed some step in their integration document or did something wrong, since their example works fine. Looking forward to their dashboard showing a non-zero amount for me.

I'm least looking forward to handling Twitter, Facebook and email. I suppose I'll have to recode some picture routines to run on my server too, as I might not be able to make the necessary attachments in the iOS program itself.


Got it working! Not sure why, but I had to connect the "Ad View Controller" in Interface Builder to an AdViewController IBOutlet in my own view controller, otherwise it would crash. Console said that the crash was because some method of a deallocated object was called. So does this connection somehow cause the AdViewController to get allocated? I thought everything I put into Interface Builder gets allocated and inited, otherwise how can all the text labels etc. work at all. I still really don't understand how IB and my code interact.

Discovered a nice debugging tip called NSZombieEnabled.


Seems I have misunderstood something about SVG. Even though apart from some scaling the coordinate system in my SVG files should be the same as in my iOS graphics context, things come out all wrong. All coordinates should be positive, but when I look at my JSON file, I have some negative ones there too. Are SVG path coordinates actually relative to something rather than absolute? Ah, seems to be relative to previous coordinate in the path. Yes!