Saturday, December 04, 2010

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 12

Gimpstorming what the icon could look like. It's easy enough to make something that looks not-totally-like-crap when a picture is big enough, but try to do it in 52 x 52 pixels and it turns into mush.

With an image this tiny it needs to contain some easy to recognize outline of an object with it and contrast has to be really sharp. I feel that a calligraphy brush isn't really something that people are familiar enough with that it would be recognizable as an icon.


Agonized over the icon whole saturday evening. Made some mockups, looked at tons of other icons for inspiration, but nothing really clicked. Maybe it's best just to go with the simple one I'm already using on the Facebook app, it'll make it more consistent too, not to mention less work.

I'm so envious of the beautiful icon Zen Brush has. The atmosphere of the colors, the mysteriously shaded bristles of the brush, the wooden texture of the handle... just perfect.