Thursday, December 16, 2010

What to make next.

Now that I have one test app in the App Store and have just submitted another one, I think I have a pretty good idea how much effort it is to make stuff and how to get it published. At my current skill level it's about two weeks of effort to get an initial prototype of something very simple working. I have to come up with something revenue-generating now. I have a few years of runway from apps I previously made on Facebook and MySpace, but time passes fast.

In my imagination, devs often just create an app, put it in the app store and then feel sad because it isn't selling as well. Which isn't surprising because most people will never see the app unless they specifically search for it. My dream would be to have some niche app, priced pretty high say $5 - $20 per install, but paired with actual marketing. It could even be something that already exists in the app store, but with more effort put into spreading the word.

To get a bit of a break from coding, I think from now till christmas I will try to find such a niche by trolling obscure websites and forums, try to discover what apps those people might need and see if there is a way to get them interested in buying it. I imagine the best forums would be relatively popular non-geeky forums about some very specific interest that isn't properly catered to yet. Although looking at the app store I'd be surprised if any topic didn't have at least a few apps already for it.

I'm going to begin by reading the big boards list for some ideas.

Update: This sucks. I'm not making an app about pro wrestling or ponies or whatever does-not-interest-me topic unless I can get some proof that people would buy it. Or should I ... PONY PRO WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP. No.