Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 5

"I'd rather use a few days to make a simple mixer" <-- famous last words?

There's some stuff I didn't consider.

- If I have a big sound, it needs to be streamed from disk because there might not be enough memory to load it all in. I could try to make this easier by having a shorter loop.
- Sound needs to stop if user plugs their headphones in / out or attaches their iThing to an external sound system ("audio route change").
- Also need to stop playing if the user receives call / sms on iPhone.
- What if the user closes the app in the middle (applicationWillResignActive). How to resume playing at correct pos? (maybe just restart sounds)
- What if the user is already playing music on their iThing when they start the app? (AVAudioSession setCategory)
- A lot of this example code is in C. I do know C, but had forgotten how long-winded it can get. Spending a long time staring at code pieces and realizing that oh, this snippet of several lines just gets one value from some structure. Compared to Python there are no exceptions, have to deal with handling memory, numbers can overflow.

Back in the day I did manage to play sounds in DOS by loading sound files myself and streaming them to my SoundBlaster over DMA, so I should be able to handle this. Just gotten a bit comfy with modern conveniences and suddenly being thrown back into the jungle.

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