Monday, November 08, 2010

Acey Deucey part 2

Just a progress report. Did mockups of screens on a whiteboard, then started moving them to IB. Instead of just downloading some casino table background from iStockphoto, spent an hour making it from scratch in Gimp. Found an example from somewhere on how to flip a view with that cool 3D effect (UIView setAnimationTransition). Spent more time than I wanted in trying to support retina display (the higher res new iPhone). Decided not to make a reusable playing card class, instead I'll just deal with UIImageView objects directly. Had funny moment where I realized there are playing card values between 1-14, but only 13 different cards in each suit. How is that possible? Ace is 1 and 14. Of course.

Stuff I feel unsure about
- How to structure the whole program, where should the game itself be? Maybe look at examples for inspiration.
- UIImageViews provide some way to offset the image, right? Right? So I can just have one huge image that has all the cards. (edit: UIImageView seemed to have no such property. Yikes, UIImage docs say to avoid images larger than 1024x1024 and mine is currently bigger.)
- How do I change the tab bar texts for tabs?

Stuff I realized I need:
- Default.png for quick launch.
- May need icons for tab bar tabs.
- One image for front of card and one of back to animate transition between them. So need to move them together too.
- Maybe there should be a white outline in where the cards are supposed to go, just like on a real casino table.

Weird aspirations:
- It would be cool if there was a background casino atmosphere sound, kind of like the background theme in "shufflepuck cafe".
- It would be awesome if the background "audience" made some amusing comments about the situation in the game. Like if you bet a lot when the odds are really bad someone would whisper "I can't believe he didn't fold!". Or if you reach some high dollar amount you could get flirted on. But all of this kind of subtle.
- It would be good if the cards casted a shadow (and of course were a bit higher too) while they are being dealt.