Thursday, November 25, 2010

Your Japanese Name 2

Instead of just showing the result, maybe challenge user to draw it themselves.

Something like this. Except with less suck. Would it be better to reveal a readymade image as the user draws, or let them draw freeform? Unsure. If readymade, have to do some clipping / masking magic to reveal it in the direction the user is dragging their finger. If freeform, need to do other kind of magic to make it look like calligraphy.

Stuff I need:
- Initialize offscreen buffer (CGBitmapContextCreate?)
- Draw to offscreen buffer with some kind of brush
- Flip offscreen buffer so that it's visible for debugging purposes
- Use said buffer as a mask (could just copy alpha values or use some compositing operation if such exists)
- Every katakana character with pieces separated such that they can be revealed in order
- Looping background music
- Graphics for mascot / teacher character
- Success sound
- Fail sound
- Completion sound
- Design for title screen
- Copy for character dialog
- Graphics for dialog bubble
- Background texture
- Figure out how to play background loop and sound effects simultaneously (3rd party library needed?)
- Post to Facebook feed
- Post as email (might need own server)

Standard stuff like before:
- App store icons (6 different ones)
- 512x512 art for iTunes?
- App store description
- App store screenshots
- Feedback button
- Default.png for app quick launch

Or maybe it should be upright after all? Samuel L. Jackson as the mascot, giving totally wrong advice. Also, could just show text. Who needs a mascot.