Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Acey Deucey part 3

tab bar icons

retina display tab bar icons

Realized I needed them in two different resolutions, one for retina display and one for normal. It wasn't as simple as just resizing it, since at these small resolutions resizing turns things into mush. Had to redraw. Spent about 1.5 hours on making the icons, getting the icons to the tab bar and getting it to recognize the 2x icons too. Didn't realize had to drag the files to xcode it didn't just find the @2x files on disk.

Imagined in what kind of situation an iPhone user would play a card game. Probably on the bus, back seat of a car etc. when killing time. That means background ambience might be a bad idea, there might be other people around. Instead a simple card flip sound will do. Listened to a bunch of different samples and found a suitable one on istockphoto. Now need to cut the wanted sound out somehow.

So a new thing to figure out:
- How to play a sound (not mixed)