Monday, November 15, 2010

Acey Deucey part 9

The cards now appear with a nice slide, slowing down seemingly because of friction. Did it "the right way", using CAKeyframeAnimation and a curve for the card movement. Also got a "flip" sound working. Now with the sound and 3D flipping animation it feels very satisfying to flip a card. This is starting to feel like a real app now.

- Figure out how to get updates from UISlider so that bet can be chosen.
- Broke retina display support. Need to tweak card PNG to make it work again.
- Game logic itself. Is A < B < C is the winning situation, or would A <= B <= C be acceptable (better odds for player).
- Screens for win, lose, going broke.
- Win / lose sound (maybe "awww" and applause). "Cards being dealt" sound. Possibly "cards going away", "ran out of money" sounds.
- App store icon, description, screenshots etc.
- Maybe space below controls should be wood / something else, not green tabletop.

Update: I knew it was possible to condense the explanation even more: "Value in between wins"