Friday, November 19, 2010

Acey Deucey part 14

iOS required icons:

29x29 Icon-Small.png
50x50 Icon-Small-50.png
57x57 Icon.png
58x58 Icon-Small@2x.png
72x72 Icon-72.png
114x114 Icon@2x.png

We've come pretty far considering the whole screen size of the popular Nokia 3310 from ten years ago was just 84 x 48 pixels.

Spent whole morning trying to get UISlider to work. Turns out you can't just set slider maximumValue and value to your desired amounts, because setting maximumValue won't work if current value is higher than it. This was causing the setting code to fail depending on game situation. Safe thing is to first set value to 0, then set maximumValue and then the value.