Friday, November 05, 2010

iPhone dev continued after 2 year hiatus

Exactly two years ago I got an iPhone and a mac to develop apps with. I was making good progress on an iPhone game, but then I accidentally scratched the surface of the phone with a key in my pocket, and it stopped working. Somehow I lost motivation to develop for it after that, even though I did get a new iPhone some time later. Now I want to give it a try again. I want to get the easiest possible minimal app into the app store, just to lift my spirits. I want to browse the store and look at it while thinking "I made that (crappy app)". With "minimal" I mean really minimal, it has to be the simplest thing that could possibly pass the review process, so that means a flashlight app.

I want the app to display a white screen when turned on. That's it. It won't even have a way to turn the light off, because that would be more than is strictly necessary. I'm not sure if I'll be required to put some kind of credits or explanation with the app, or will just a white screen suffice. At least I'll need an icon. Or could that be just a white rectangle? For name I could go with something like "Quick Flashlight". In the explanation I should say that it really doesn't do anything at all except make the screen all white.