Saturday, November 06, 2010

Acey Deucey

Decided to make a card game from an old Atari BASIC games book. It's called "Acey Deucey" (not to the backgammon-like game), "In-Between" or "Sheets". There are many variations to the rules, but I'll go with exactly the simple rules as in that BASIC program. You are initially dealt two cards, then you bet and after that one more card is dealt to you. You will win the amount you bet if the value of the third card is between the two cards that were dealt to you and lose if it wasn't.

To make things simpler, Ace always means 14. "In between" means strictly in-between, not equal. Stuff that's on my mind now about this:

- Where to get the card faces. I think there was some free set. Ah here it is. If I understand correctly, it is free even for commercial use (I might want to try AdMob just for fun).
- Card animation should be slide in + flip. Flipping should be that "pseudo 3d" flipping if possible (compress horizontally), but how to do it? At least two options, UIViewAnimationTransitionFlipFromRight (or something similar) to switch between views, or use OpenGL (Mixing UIKit with OpenGL)