Thursday, October 30, 2008

Room-based games

My attention ended up divided after visiting a friend to show the cave flying game. Now because of our brainstorming, I feel more like I should be doing Internet-based games instead. So I've been working on that, luckily I'd been working on that a month ago already for a good while, so I have some infrastructure in place already. I have a general idea and also a server set up to host the lobby, which is a place where you list the existing games to pick one to join to. I have two different games partially working, but on client-side I've only gotten far enough to resolve a domain name, haven't even figured out how to transfer data yet, but how hard can that be?

Yesterday I figured out how the login system should work. After weighing several options it seems that normal login/password will have to do. I cannot tie accounts to a certain iPhone based on device ID alone, because a person might change their device to an iPhone 4G or whatever, or someone else might want to play on the same device. I hate asking people to create accounts, because I hate creating accounts myself, so maybe I will have an option to play as guest. In that case your score won't be saved though, so you'll start from zero again each time.

Of course the best option would be to always start off as a guest, and then only after you've made some progress to have the option to lock that guest account as your own account... hmm...