Monday, October 06, 2008

Interface Builder

For someone who hasn't coded much, I think it's a bit dangerous to start with a graphical interface builder in an IDE. It gives you the wrong idea that everything is really easy. Just drag and drop stuff and BAM (channeling Steve Jobs here)! Of course you'll end up spending most of the time (as you should) in the actual code, and building interfaces will just be a short break. At school we had tools like this, then there would be people who confused building applications with designing their interfaces, and for them it was a shock how much work there was underneath, not just dragging stuff to build the interface.

With this in mind I am approaching the Interface Builder a bit carefully, almost trying not to have too much fun with it. It of course does make sense to use it. I could create all the components in code, and almost prefer to do so, but still I have to admit that it must be faster to use this tool if I can just learn to use it properly. I want to get stuff done fast, therefore I must learn this. So I've started it up, started dragging stuff around. At this point I still don't understand how this ties to Xcode. I do know there are some "nib files" and that the controls can be raised from it, somehow relating to the initWithCoder method.

The goal for tonight will be to understand how to create some simple text labels in the Interface Builder and then how to set the text to those labels from Xcode.