Friday, October 03, 2008

iPhone dev 9 - got the hardware

Today all the hardware arrived. An iPhone, a WLAN box and a Mac Mini. This stuff really was disruptive to getting things done -- I haven't felt this much like a child since... well since I was a child! Walking to the post office to get the iPhone almost turned into a run because I couldn't wait to play with it. Then when I had everything, stuff worked really well right from the box. Noticed though that I accidentally got a 2G iPhone instead of 3G one, but that doesn't really make any difference for development (good bye to my plans on starting to use VoIP w/ Asterisk though). I feel like I joined some cult now that I have this stuff. I even read the holy texts of Apple -- namely the folklore about pirate flags and Woz's pranks. I have truly joined the dark side.

I have tried to get back to reading the cocoa fundamentals documentation even while I feel a bit giddy and would prefer to just play around with this stuff. I have to remind myself I got these for a purpose -- to develop an app for the iPhone which will then pay for this expensive hardware. So with this in mind I've muddled through the fundamentals documentation, but it's getting awfully abstract. Well of course it is abstract, because I just reached the design patterns part. Fun to read about abstractions in something which in itself already feels abstract to me at this point (Cocoa programming). I think for my motivation's sake I should try to get something going with Xcode while I read forward.