Friday, October 03, 2008

iPhone dev 13

Already the fifth day of development, with not much to show for it. Going through the MoveMe sample application now. Yesterday got an OpenGL ES sample running. So cool that a little device like this actually runs OpenGL. I don't yet grasp the structure of programs very well. I know that there is some function you call in main, which starts off the message loop and apparently your own code goes into a delegate class.

Learned that building an Xcode project turns it into a "bundle", which a directory on the iPhone that contains code and data. Since I don't believe anyone reads this (just talking out loud to concentrate more on the task), I guess I can reveal what it is that I'd like to build. Well, I thought the iPhone would be great for drawing for the "draw and guess" game. I have a Flash version of it mostly working on MySpace (haven't released though). You draw something, others guess what it is, others draw, you guess. Guessers and drawers get points, repeat. People seem to like that game, and it would be cool to draw with your finger. I'm now pondering whether iPhone users should only be able to draw, or to guess too. Maybe it's my unfamiliarity with the iPhone soft keyboard, but it seems too painful to seriously use as a part of the game. Maybe I can let players choose a game mode. But if everyone is just drawing, will there be enough people left to guess?

Another game which occurred to me after getting this phone is one where you are given a topic, then have to try to photograph that thing in a very limited time using the camera. For example "take a picture of a fork!", then you rush out to your kitchen (hopefully connected to the net with WiFi), take the picture. Judging whether people took pics of forks or not would be done peer-to-peer. You get a picture and have to decide whether it is a fork or not. Maybe with some Slashdot style meta-judgement too to make sure you are giving correct judgements. Well, just a crazy idea.