Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 26

Previously I wrote that I would attempt to tweak some features and then promote the app to users of the Facebook version. Well, I did that and it seems to have little effect. I'll get maybe ~500 users out of the promotion, very poor. I was hoping for something between 5000-10000 new installs from the promotion since I had ~700k users on the Facebook version.

This is the message I sent:
Still remember that app on Facebook that translated your name into
Japanese characters? Well, it's now out for iPhone / iPod touch.
If you have one of those devices, use this link to get it for free:


Using the app you can turn your name into Japanese characters and
even use it as your wallpaper on the device.

Alternatively you can use the free Facebook version here:

I'm not sure if the click-through rate of this message was really bad or if delivery was just really bad. I can send email to users who have agreed to receive email from Japan Name on Facebook. Since most users signed up way back in the day when email was still checked by default, I assumed a large portion of them would have email enabled. Not sure if Facebook has made some changes since them to retroactively disable that option from older apps.

Well, my plan called for abandoning this project if the new features and this promotion fail, so I suppose I'll have to think of something new now.