Thursday, January 06, 2011

Your Japanese Name for iOS, part 23

It seems income from ads for the app has settled around $0.30 / day. That's pretty disappointing, considering it seems to outrank other similar apps. The "fill rate" for the ads is only about 30%, so most of my inventory is wasted. If KatakanaVid gets accepted, I can advertise it with house ads and maybe get some value out of that blank 70%.

Shouldn't waste too much time on the app, but there's still two things I should do with it. First I should add share by email. It probably won't go viral, but it's possible I can get a small boost to usage. Then after that's in place, I can use the Facebook version to promote the app and hopefully get a nice one-time boost.

If those fail to have any impact, I'll abandon this app and work on something else.