Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random update

Still working on the Chrome extension. Like always, it turns out to be more work than I expected. The extension itself is just the tip of the iceberg, underneath lays the database that somehow needs to be maintained. The database will indicate which website is related to which extension. I can seed it myself, but need to get people actively curating the lists. There are thousands of extensions and apps, can't do it all by myself.

Still getting basically no income from anywhere. I'm basically a hobo now, except I happen to have some savings. The three iPhone apps are bringing in about $1 / day total. Facebook apps are bringing in $0.05 / day. MySpace something like $3 / day. I think in the end of the month I'll make an income report and post it.

I want to continue learning pixel art, but it's tough doing it without a good reason. I wasn't so happy with where the pixel art comic was going. The storyline seemed really dull, although I was pretty happy with the art itself. I should probably attempt to make some minimalistic game. What's the most minimal pixel art game I could make?