Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Never let a Finnish man drink too much

A drunken 38 year old man caused extensive damages and kept the police occupied, going on a mad nightly rampage. All of this happened in the span of a few hours.

To start the night, he stole a woman's wallet in a bar. After the bar closed, he started walking home, but stopped on the way to kick down a dozen gravestones at the graveyard. After that he broke some windows of nearby houses, and lit a moped on fire. Soon after this he also lit three garbage collection points on fire. One of the fires spread to a van parked next to it.

Next he wandered to a kindergarten and lit on fire a baby carriage left outside. Then he went on to a deaf peoples' home, attempting to conceal his identity by putting a shopping bag on his head. There he beat a night shift worker with a stick, broke windows and equipment, then demanding to get medicine. A female nurse managed to lock herself in a room and alert the police by phone. However an ambulance arrived before the police did, which the man then stole and drove around the town for half an hour, before smashing the windows and abandoning it. After this he called a taxi and went home to sleep.

The police already had an idea who the culprit might be, so they catched him from his home after he had already fallen asleep. He was interrogated and blames alcohol for his behavior.

( this was a translation of a 1994 news clipping from Finland )