Friday, November 07, 2008

App got acquired

A small application I made was acquired by a company yesterday. I think the price was fair, this deal is very likely a win-win for both me and the new owner of the app. The price was a multiple lower than what I would have asked just a few months ago. While page impressions have remained stable, CPM -- basically how much money you can get from banner ads -- was much lower.

It may be so that this was not a good deal for me, because if I had kept the app it could have continued to make ad revenue for the rest of my life. It's very difficult to say, but at least I now certainly have enough to live on for a few years. Also maintaining a simple app like that for years would certainly have distracted me, now I have space in my mind to come up with other things. I'm always bursting with ideas, but often too distracted to act on them.

It's good to sometimes know to let go.