Friday, March 18, 2011

1.1.2011 - now, looking back

Wow, it's already the middle of March and still no revenue to speak of. Where did this time go? Skimmed through my older blogposts since start of the year, and it seems that I've spent all my time learning the details that go into an isometric engine, learning how to do pixel art, thinking about game design and studying iOS development.

I do feel I really know more about these things than I did back then, but I'm prone to judging my progress more based on revenue rather than some improved knowledge, just because I can't buy ramen by having more potential that doesn't materialize anywhere.

I did release 1 iOS app, 1 website, 2 chrome extensions and made a significant revenue-increasing tweak in Coolest Friends, but still this hasn't been a very successful three and a half months. Besides the revenue tweak none of it mattered much. I'm starting to feel increasingly disappointed in my progress and need to have some measure of success soon.