Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today's lack of productivity brought to you by Adobe Flash CS4 and Sampo Bank

Spent much of today staring at the beach ball of doom (a spinning cursor you see on a Mac when things are über slow), Adobe Flash CS4 editing interface is reaaally slow. I am trying to learn how to export isometric graphics from Blender for use in a Flash-based game. I have source files that I am editing in a separate editor, because I can often type faster than CS4 can read my typing, and it will sometimes do nothing for what feels like forever. Not productive.

Computer is Mac Mini, 1.84GHz Core 2 Duo 1GB. Decided to upgrade RAM to max 3GB and switch to a solid state drive. Upon attempting to pay for said drive, web bank wouldn't work. Stalled at "Starting Java..." with a (lack of) progress indicator not quite unlike the beach ball of doom. HD on another computer apparently has bad sectors, so switching that to an SSD as well. Tried to relax from all of this by doing some soldering on an electronics kit, but discovered soldering iron wall plug doesn't fit (ungrounded vs. grounded socket).