Sunday, November 29, 2009

Change may have increased the likelihood that a user completes a quiz. Difficult to say yet as the "improvement" is still within just random daily fluctuation.

Had a private burst of anger at my math teacher. I failed his course and would like to blame that on his teaching style totally lacking any passion. I've tried to avoid attending the class, every time I leave being less motivated by the subject than when I came in. It's just a basic linear algebra course, which is very very useful and could be presented in an interesting way, but it feels more like attending a funeral. So I stayed at home and tried to study the things as a list of contents got updated to his homepage. But then in the exam (which he had scribbled by hand and xeroxed barely legibly) there was a question which wasn't mentioned on that list, and I failed just barely.

I had studied for that class every day for about two months, but not exactly the things that were in the exam. I got upset enough that I dropped studying math at all for over a month, but now I'm getting my self esteem back just enough to try and continue.