Friday, July 22, 2011

Progress report

I've had some tiny amounts of success with my recent projects, but really only enough to frustrate me. I added the some paid features to Fan of the Week and made one sale in the first week, however it was worth $59.90 so not that shabby.

The Japanese candy subscription service Candy Japan has 40 subscribers now.

I managed to find a direct advertiser for my site MemeFace. It is a company selling Meme Stickers online. The owner is very cool.

Still everything I mentioned here put together would not be enough to support my modest Japanese lifestyle. I estimate I would need something like 1200 eur / month to pay for rent, food, taxes, health insurance etc. For now I'll be ok from what I have saved from my previous projects, but I better have some hit soon again, just for my sanity.

I took another look at my iOS game project Valley Story and am considering putting in the final touches to finish it. I got burned out mostly on memory management issues when developing it before and missed my launch date and then just started doing the above mentioned other things. Now I could run the game again and look at it with fresher eyes and it doesn't look that bad really. If I could just release it I could probably sell a few copies.