Monday, June 13, 2011

Brainstorming #1: Fan of the Day for Facebook Pages

I want to brainstorm a few ideas today with the goal of releasing at the end of the week, start working on something in the evening. So here's #1.

- Which page owners the app is for:

Any pages which want to grow their fanbase.

- What benefit those page owners get from adding the app:

Encourages more people to fan your page by daily picking a random fan as "fan of the day".

- Rough sense of how the app might make money:

Basic version free, enabling extra options costs something, custom tier for big companies that costs more and provides email support and custom features.

- A somewhat scalable way of reaching those page owners

Default feature in free version will be to post "fan of the day" message into the page feed and that message will also include a link to the tab, that should make the app spread quite nicely even if I just put it on my own pages. I might get some friends to add it and could at least mention it on HN or some forums to get the initial amount of users.

- Rough screen sketches of how it would work.

Update After some searching, I found out that it's impossible to get list of page fans so this idea is actually impossible in the described form. Maybe I should add "is possible" to the list of idea requirements :)

Update Figured out a way to make it possible after all. Can't pick a totally random fan, but can pick one if they interacted with the page. Coded up the app, read more here.