Saturday, February 26, 2011

Isometric progress

Scrolling works, there's sprites and tiles can be set with mouse. Latest breakthrough is that now pathfinding works. Just simple breadth-first search, but seems to be fast enough for small maps.

Had a graphics-related realization that I had been unconsciously holding the belief that scales have to be accurate. My grass looks like noise because I figured that's how big the blades of grass really are relative to my characters. But when looking at other games, I noticed that the graphics is more symbolical. You can show huuuge blades of grass if that lets you show more clearly that yes, this is grass. Screenshot from the game Sunday Lawn from Donut Games:

Some blades of grass here are as big as the character's leg, yet it looks fine. I think I'll try to change my grass to something more similar to this game, with individually visible blades so that I can show the direction of the light in them.