Sunday, December 06, 2009

Traffic to Coolest Friends doubled. I have no idea why. It seems to come uniformly from profiles and homes. I noticed a slight dip before. Maybe it was somehow down and now all those people who couldn't visit, are coming back in order to get their daily increasing bonus? I have no idea. I really need to get into making updates to this app, but keep putting it off. For the moment, thank you whatever random effect for doubling my visits.

Finnish independence day. Celebrated the eve by being bored and then sleeping early to fight the boredom.

Quiz app seems dead. 133 visits yesterday, compared to 600 on the first day. If I don't do something to make it work soon, there won't be anyone around to spread it.

So which of these important tasks am I doing? Neither, instead I am trying to get particle-based water to work with HTML canvas tag.