Thursday, August 07, 2008

Media circus has arrived

Finnish media companies have gotten excited about "social media". They see it as a trend, and they must report trends. To support trend reporting, they want to raise individual examples, hopefully ones that people can relate to. I happen to be one of the few serious Facebook developers in Finland, so I tend to be that example.

It's been fun. First I was featured in some magazine called "Happi". I'd never heard of it, and even with numerous requests they never sent me the issue that my interview appeared in. But apparently someone read it, because next I was contacted by another magazine called "Image". Now this one I had heard of, it's a very high profile magazine. I got my face filling an entire page, it feels unreal. Seems that stories in media inspire more stories in other media, because next I was contacted by "YleX" radio channel and "Helsingin Sanomat", the largest circulation newspaper in Finland. Just wow.