Saturday, July 28, 2007

Melody app progress

I have been actively working on the melody app lately. Learned basic Facebook API usage and started making the UI part in Flash. Progress is nice, I can already arrange piano and drums on the tracks. A surprisingly difficult thing has been trying to find the different sound samples to use.

I need at least a basic piano sound, a guitar sound, drums and some funny sounds. The temptation is great to go to one of those "free samples" sites to grab something, but I want to be sure that any sounds I use are properly licensed. So instead I have been trying out sites where you can download sample packs. I am really surprised at the poor quality of the sites and the sounds they provide. For example some drum hits might have an audible hiss in the background, in some cases almost to the point of being static. Finding drum loops is easier, but I want single hits, not loops.

Come on, I just need around 28 different sounds, hopefully for under $100 total. How hard can this be?