Thursday, March 08, 2007

AdSense - things I love and hate about it

  • It tempts me to create spammy sites which provide no actual value to the visitors, that in turn makes me feel superficial, greedy and in turn unhappy. My most embarrassing secret: I have actually made a page about mesothelioma once. No more! Valuable content and functionality only! (yeah yeah)
  • It never pays enough. I console myself with the thought that my AdSense ads still make me more than the daily average in some super poor nations, but on the other hand at times I feel like I've worked for that money as hard as someone in a super poor nation (okay not true).
  • Sometimes it displays really unsuitable ads and it angers me that I cannot just tell it what types of ads to display and instead have to rework my content to help AdSense guess better. Example: I wrote a page about how to create objects using a toolkit for a computer game, using a beer bottle as an example of an object you could create. Of course, now AdSense is displaying ads about beer, not about games. Grrr.
  • Spending countless hours excitedly monitoring my pathetic AdSense revenue and click-through rates. Wow, I made $1 today! Hooray! (what?)
  • Moving to a different country requires you to close your AdSense account and open a new one, accumulated funds are saved in the process but it still feels like an unnecessary hassle.
  • The fear that my account would suddenly be closed, without any explanation, with all my funds frozen and not getting an answer when I ask why (apparently has happened to people who at least claim to have done nothing wrong). Not sure if this issue is real, but the fear is, and Google doesn't seem to be very open about it.
Time to get positive...
  • It is a real joy to set up, copy & paste goodness.
  • It provides a somewhat predictable revenue stream when contemplating about starting new sites, a real enabler for webmasters everywhere.
  • It gives Google a lot of money -> Sergey & Larry seem to be into using some of it for space and artificial intelligence research -> I get to take a ride to a distant planet in an AI controlled spaceship and have an intense battle with the AI when it goes berserk midway.