Sunday, July 02, 2006

Majority Wins AJAX game

Yesterday I made an AJAX-based game. I don't say AJAX just because things are sliding around nicely, but it actually does use XMLHttpRequest to send some data back to the server. The idea of the game is to try to guess what others would guess others would answer to a question. Confused? Just try it at

I was completely in the zone while making this game, it took maybe only 6 hours to make. It's funny how when doing something interesting I can be 10x more productive than doing something I'm forced to do. If I had done this at work, I'm sure it would've taken more than a week.

I posted it on Digg, but only got 4 Diggs. It was a real disappointment, since to be honest it was the whole goal of making this game. Maybe I should've been more blatant and use the words "AJAX" and "Amazing" in the title. It's a bit sad that I've missed my chance now, since reposting wouldn't be very nice.