Sunday, November 06, 2005

Places where I want to work

I'm nearly a Bachelor of Computer Science now. I've often thought that I'd rather work by myself on my own projects, but with this shiny new paper I want to try to apply for some places that could be cool enough to abandon the idea of being a lone hermit coder. or maybe would be cool places to work. Having sold books for years online myself it would be very interesting to get to know their back-end systems and learn a ton. Of course other online retailers would do as well.

TokyoPop, they are translating massive amounts of manga into English and I wouldn't mind helping them with either the actual translation or any technical issues. Of course places like Shueisha, they're the ones that extort the mangakas to make the manga in the first place (ever heard of kanzume? it means isolating the artists from the real world until they finish their work!). Same for Kodansha, NihonBungeisha and others.

Soft on Demand, let me just say that they are "imaginative" and also seem to be technically adapt. But will I have to join the yakuza? Maybe I should pass on this one :-) Also companies like WantedList could be life-altering workplaces.

Sierra, the makers of Larry and Space Quest. They will always have a special place in my heart and soon they will also have my job application. Also LucasArts, they're behind Monkey Island and other cool games. It would be one in a million to happen to get a chance to work here, but might still be worth trying. I could also work wherever Julian Gollop works. He is the genius behind games such as Laser Squad, Lords of Chaos and X-Com UFO Defense. Currently they seem to have a company called Codo Games and are providing the game Laser Squad Nemesis.