Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 東京都写真美術館

On this day I plan to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. They have an exhibition which happens to appeal to me, as it is about manga. It may be childish, it may lack some deep meaning understanding some "real" art would have, but it's cute and fun!


The exhibition focused on the life of otakus. The most interesting thing on display was a collection of photographs from the rooms of otakus, piled ceiling high with books and semi-nude plastic anime models.


Other display areas in the three-floor museum were much better, and free. There was a lot of interactivity. A screen with a mirror next to it, the display on the mirror was displaying a different image than the actual display. Possibly somehow accomplished with polarized light. Using this you could play a game of air hockey, against yourself.


There was a setup where you could place dots on a board and the board would say out loud which braille character that represents. I think with this it would be possible to learn braille fairly quickly. There were a lot of interesting things on display, I certainly recommend a visit if you have a chance!


In the evening I will turn into a clubber and go dancing at Club Complex Code in Shinjuku. They will be playing "HYPER TECHNO", sounds fine to me!

夕方ベンムはクラッバーになって、新宿のクラブCodeにいくつもりです。ホームページによれば「HYPER TECHNO」をやっている。ダンスダンスダンス!