Friday, January 26, 2007

Effectiveness of duct tape in parenting - continued

Today on a Finnish tabloid newspaper (which generally reports real crime cases) there was the following story:

"According to the prosecutor the man tied the child's mouth and partly nostrils with duct tape, after which he duct taped the child up into a ball so she couldn't move and placed her into a small styrofoam box, covering it with a lid. According to the district prosecutor Pekka Mäkinen the events took place over a few days in Autumn 2005."

Yesterday I posted on Reddit a link to an image of a kid attached to a wall with duct tape. I don't know who took it, I just found it on and thought someone might find it amusing. The photobucket account that contained it has albums with Finnish names, so apparently whoever took it is also Finnish! The image and the news story both surfaced in Finland in a span of two days, quite a coincidence.

The exif data of the photograph shows that it was taken 2006/10/27, but the news story said the event happened Autumn 2005 (although the wording was slightly ambiguous on that). In the same user's another album there is a picture with the title "this is me". According to the news story the perp is a guy with a Thai wife. The picture however is of a woman, and she looks very Finnish, which would again mean that this is a different event.

The photo surfaced BEFORE the news story did, so it cannot be that someone was just inspired by the story to post that photo on the net. Can this be the same case or is duct taping kids becoming rampant in Finland?